You need to sign up and follow the simple instructions on depositing assets and then buy or sell whichever currency you wish to deal in.

Yes. Simply follow the instructions on placing your currencies for sale or purchase on the Exchange.

Follow the simple steps on the page.

Anyone who has reached the age of majority in his country of residence can invest and trade on the Exchange. In most countries, this age is eighteen years old. Users are advised to find out what this age is in their own country. Users of the Exchange warrant they have reached the age of majority in their country of residence.

There is no minimum period for withdrawal of some or all of your investments from the Exchange. Assets can be withdrawn immediately after depositing them on the exchange. Users must note there are small fees for withdrawals

We do not advise anyone to use exchange accounts to participate in an ICO.

Transactions are immediate. However, on the average, transactions may take between 15 to 30 minutes to reflect in the buyers accounts outside of the exchange. In very rare cases, the wait may exceed 2 hours. This, in most cases is due to the heavy workload on the particular currency network at any time. Grussdich can not affect the speed of the transaction. Customers should be patient once they give their order.

Unfortunately not. Everyone should exercise the utmost care in verifying addresses to which funds are to be sent.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once a transaction is executed, it cannot be cancelled. The only way to reverse whatever transaction you did is to do an opposite transaction. You must take into account possible changes in prices and the necessary blockchain fees which must be paid in both instances.

These are mandatory fees that must be paid on each network blockchain transaction. The exchange cannot prevent them being deducted. Customers should take these fees into account when they place orders on the exchange.